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Note: For maximum safety, the Drive’n Comfort™ should be attached to the retractable reel, as shown on the instructions here on our website and inside the product’s packaging.  In the event of a crash, it will release and retract immediately to the reel, allowing the seatbelt to return to its full, flat position.

*Consumer pays only for the cost of shipping & handling.

Let’s face it…

Seatbelts are an uncomfortable necessity for driving safely.

However, the way they’re designed, the shoulder strap hurts a woman’s chest, cuts into the collar bone and irritates the neck.  A few products promise relief, but aren’t successful for many who buy them.  Seat belt pads are bulky, clumsy, hot, get dirty, and wrinkle your clothing. They also twist and cause the seat belt to tangle, often making it a mess getting in and out of the car.

Most women fuss with the shoulder strap to find a comfortable position.  How many have driven with the strap under their arm or held away from their body with their left hand?   Others will drive without a seat belt at all, risking a traffic ticket and taking a huge chance on their safety.

Now there’s a solution!

Drive‘n Comfort™ is an innovative 2-part product designed to let you drive safely and in complete comfort. First is a unique device which pinches the seat belt strap at the center of the chest to take the pressure off, and still flares flat above and below to hold you securely as intended.

It takes only a second to put on and is totally adjustable – just place it in the spot that gives you the most relief.  Smaller busts may be good in the cleavage center, while larger busts may feel more comfortable wearing it lower down.  But there’s no more rubbing, flattening or irritation while driving – no more temptation to drive without a seat belt.  Drive‘n Comfort delivers the relief you’ve been looking for.

The Drive’n Comfort pincher is connected to a reel which attaches to your seat belt buckle, so the pincher is easily at-hand when you “buckle up.”  When you’re ready to exit the vehicle, simply pull off the pincher and it’ll immediately retract to the reel.  Your seat belt will then freely retract up to the door as it should – nothing bulky to hang down or get in your way.

The Drive’n Comfort was designed to pop free in the event of a crash so the belt can be in its full, flat position and the reel assures that it’ll retract instantly out of your way.

Men love using the Drive’n Comfort because it takes the pressure off the neck and collarbone, so we suggest one for both driver’s and passenger’s seat.  No complex installation – it’s quick and so easy.

What is your safety and comfort worth?   Drive‘n Comfort is a small investment that brings you big comfort, helps you avoid expensive traffic tickets and stay safely buckled up.

Enjoy the drive!