Drive’n Comfort™ Instructions

How to Attach The Reel

1. Open the pin on back of the reel. Insert pin through the opening between the seatbelt strap and outer side of the molded plastic seatbelt buckle (the side nearest to the car window).  Snap pin closed. Reel will sit easily at the outside of the plastic buckle. (fig.1)
2. Attach the split-ring of the reel through both holes at one end of the Drive’n Comfort™. (fig.2)

How to Use The Drive’n Comfort™ Clip

3. Buckle your seat belt. Pinch and hold the seatbelt in half at the cleavage area, using your thumb and two forefingers (fig.3)

4. With your other hand, place the flared bottom corner of the Drive’n Comfort™ onto the folded, pinched area and then simply push down into place. (fig.4)

5. Adjust and slide the position of  the Drive’n Comfort™, up or down, for your maximum comfort.

6. When ready to unbuckle seat belt, simply pull off the Drive‘n Comfort™. It will automatically retract to the reel.

It’s always ready for your next drive & won’t get lost!

Enjoy the drive.